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        Mario Cajina

        This is happening to our retouchers.


        1. Three of them are running Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4, and one is still on Snow Leopard 10.6.8.

        2. All four have Photoshop CS6 13.0.1 x64.

        3. Two are using  Intuos 5, and two are using Intuos 3 tablets.

        4. Two are using Wacom Tablet software 6.3.2w4. The other two are using 6.3.1w2, and 6.3.3-3 respectively.

        5. All four machines are Mac Pro 5,1


        Two of the retouchers said that it was also occurring (though not as often), with Photoshop CS5.5 and CS5. The only common thread is Photoshop. However, it can be the way Mac OS draws Photoshop's UI on the screen.


        I'm having them try CrazyDave88's workaround from Post #36.


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          We are having the same problem, with the same parameters:  CS6 on Lion or Mt. Lion.  It happens across a variety of Wacom tablets.


          Some things I haven't seen mentioned to date in this thread:


          At our studio everyone has 2 monitors, so the disappearance happens as the cursor crosses over onto the second monitor (and occasionally upon moving from the second to the first.)


          At home I have one monitor, and here my cursor just vanishes.


          One observation that might help the programmers:  If my cursor vanishes when I am on a 400 pixel brush (as it just did moment ago) I can get it to come back on any brush size larger than 400.  It is invisible below that.  If I switch to a different brush (from paint to clone, for instance) the disappearance remains consistent across brush sizes.  400 remains the threshold.  Above, it is there, below it vanishes.  Other tools (move, marquee, lasso, pen, etc.) remain invisible. 


          For those experiencing this for the first time the easiest workaround is quickly command tabbing out of PS and then command tabbing back in.  Annoying as hell, but it's the fastest way I've found to bring the cursor back.

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            Birck Level 1

            Crazy Dave's workaround helps me, and I have also found that, if I lose the cursor in the middle of a job, all I need to do is slide over and poke the Photoshop

            dock icon and it comes back. But, you're right, it slows things down & is a pain in butt.

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              A clean install of Mountain Lion and a backup from time machine did the trick for me.  Been running one week without a disappearing cursor.

              iMac 27" 10.8.2 ML.

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                I am not using two monitors together but I do have a MacBookPro with MacOS 10.8.2 and just purchased a Wacom Intuos 5 touch. I can't even get the Wacom drivers to load onto the laptop. I've contacted both Apple and Wacom support. For a while they were just pointing fingers at each other and both claiming everything should work fine and other guy needs to help me.  Finally an Apple tech says all he could find in the Wacom literature was compatibility with version OS 10.7, and that it is probably not compatible with 10.8.2 even though Wacom insists it is.  The compromise suggested by Apple guy is to partition 20% of the internal HD and load the earlier OS onto it and run the tablet from there. It appears that other software, Adobe or otherwise, may not really have anything to do with the various disappearing mouse problems. It is a Mac + Wacom compatibility problem, I'd say.  David Gibb do you mean you were running 10.8.2 but you reloaded it and magically the cursor works properly?  I am not keen on partitioning and loading another OS, I am already running at 75% capacity on the internal drive. Neither am I keen on going through the process of reloading 10.8.2 since so far everything else about this computer works fine.

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                  I'm having the disappearing cursor issue as well. For me it's specific to Photoshop, it doesn't occur anywhere else in OS X. I have a total of 4 screens on my Macbook Pro with Retina (including the laptop display itself), and the cursor ONLY disappears on my secondary display, which is where I keep all my Photoshop palettes. I've never had it disappear on any of the other displays.


                  I do NOT have Wacom drivers installed. I'm running OS X 10.7.5, and have the latest version of CS6 installed.


                  I was having to quit and restart Photoshop every time it happened, until I discovered a faster workaround: when your cursor disappears, reset your Workspace (Window > Workspace > Reset [workspace name]) and the cursor immediately returns (resetting does not ruin your palettes, it just restores them to the state you saved them in, kind of like a refresh.)


                  This leads me to believe it's a an Adobe/Photoshop bug, not necessarily something system-level with OS X, though of course there may be some relation. Never had this happen in CS5.



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                    There is a known problem with running Firefox with a Wacom tablet.

                    Make sure the clients quit Firefox and see if that makes it better.

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                      marc-denault Level 1

                      Thanks for your answer johanhellstrom, but no unfortunately the solution is not that simple, sorry.

                      I spoke to many people working with two screens in the graphic industry and absolutely ALL of them have this problem, but many of them only une Safari or Chrome for internet.


                      About Photoshop:

                      Having this problem around since a long time now, we now know that it can occur in any software... Not only Photoshop as I first mentioned when I started the discussion (my mistake). Some people experience it in their internet browser, others in 3D softwares such as Modo, others in Photoshop, Word, wathever... Maybe it's just that we notice it in the software we use the most?



                      Nothing that is a real complete and effective solution for now apparently. All we seem to have are workarounds to make it less anoying.

                      I did a clean install of everyting on a new hard drive (new system, new softwares and new drivers)... Didn't change a thing for me. Actually no, it's worst because now the cursor is disappearing on both of my monitors.


                      Apple, Wacom, anybody, please help! This is so much a pain in the butt and not professional!!!


                      My guess is that it's a OS problem because apparently some of you have this situation working with a mouse and only one screen?! But what do I know, I'm just a production guy and graphic artist... ;-)




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                        marksey777 Level 1

                        I can't imagine a more annoying problem. Is it possible to visit a local Apple store? It seems some people had this problem and solved it with a fresh istall of Mountain Lion. I'm not much help when it comes to Mac but from reading I'm seeing this is a possible Apple issue and not Adobe so you could try the store if you have one local or the Apple forums?

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                          I'm having the same exact problem in windows 10 but it's only with photoshop; I can draw in paint tool sai perfectly but when I open photoshop it jumps my mouse to my other monitor and sometimes does a weird thing where if I click it jumps between monitors but when I move my mouse it always favors the wrong monitor.

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