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    Custom user administration panel


      I am pretty new with Adobe CQ5 so I'm sorry if this question might have an obvious answer. Our task is to create a custom signup:


      1. The user creates his account;

      2. An administrator validates or invalidates the account;

      3. If the administrator validates the account, the user will be able to login.


      I have reached to modify the sign up form so that it inserts the user but sets it up as disabled.


      I am now trying to create the administration panel, that retreives all the users that are inactive and leaves the administrator choose which of them will become active. My problem is that I am trying to dinamically create the checkboxes near the user names using:




      "<input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"check"+tmpUser.getID()+"\" value=\"Enable\" /></td></tr>"



      However, at submit the error is





      javax.jcr.nodetype.ConstraintViolationException: no matching property definition found for


      I know the way I am trying to create the checkboxes is not the proper one, so can you please give me some guidance on how to create the checkboxes dinamically?

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          Sham HC Level 7

          It seems you are posting to a page resource url directly. Verify somewhere in your application a custom POST action is done.


          Where does the contents getting stored and what is the node type?

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            Sorin87bv Level 1

            Thank you for your answer Sham. Indeed, I am trying to post back to the same page, and, for start, to get the parameter names using request.getParameterNames. Then I would get their values and for the users that have the checkboxes filled I want to validate them. I know this is not a CQ approach (where everything is content) but I thought that in case I don't really need to store the checkbox value, I won't need to create a node (which is probably why my script fails?). So, for every checkbox I need to create a new node and save it's value as a property at submit and then retreive the values from the nodes? Do you happen to have some similar piece of code? (it might be some code from the default user administration panel that I may use?)