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    Is there a way to create a site map of all RoboHelp topics in a published project?

    Sasha Miller

      My company uses an external search of our published RoboHelp options (as well as the internal; the external search covers all projects instead of a single one). We're looking to change search programs, but according to our web developer a lot of searches have issues finding the topics inside the published projects because of the way it links to topics using Javascript.


      I think I know the answer to this question, considering it hasn't come up in any of my searches, but in case I need a second cup of coffee -- is there a site map or listing of links within a RoboHelp project that includes all the topics? Alternately, does anyone know of a service or program that can easily create a site map from a RH project? For reference, we're using RoboHelp 9.