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    Cannot zoom with 'cmd+space+click'


      I've had this problem several times in the past however I've normally fixed it by simply restarting Photoshop.


      This time however, I cannot even fix it by restarting my Mac, I've also zapped the PRAM on a couple of occasions and still no luck.


      I've also tried resetting Ps preferences as well as all Ps tools.


      I find it very annoying as it is just the way I am used to working and it is therefore slowing me down.


      I am also getting this same issue in Illustrator


      Not only that, but I can no longer use 'space+click' to use the hand tool to move about in my Ps document.


      It's as if Photoshop (and Ai) is just not taking any notice of these shortcuts… even though my keyboard is not malfunctioning.


      Has anyone else had this issue?