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    Multiple Queries

    NuckNuck Level 1
      I've just started using Flex and have created some simple apps. My questions relates to data, specifically queries that may need to be nested and how Flex can display this. Currently, we use web services (CFC) to retrieve data.
      One of the older apps we are going to convert to Flex has the following flow:

      1. Run a query to show all the courses users have taken.
      2. Loop through each course and embed a query to see which users in specific lines of business have taken this course.
      3. Filter each course and extract only the latest completed course.
      4. Check to see if this user exists in our employee table (new query) and is an 'active' employee in a non-manager role.

      So, the question is: can Flex handle the logic that would handle a scope like this? What is the best approach to handling these types of requirements?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          I don't clearly understand your description. In 2., I guess you know what line of business the users work in. Is this what you mean? In 3., you mean you want to determine the last course a user has completed? I don't see a logical flow of reasoning in 1 - 4. 1. returns all courses taken by anyone, 2. gives users of specific business lines who have taken each course, 3. gives the last course the user has taken, and 4. determines if the user is an active employee in a non-manager role.

          Can you possibly make an overall general statement as to what information 1 - 4 is designed to determine?

          Apart from this, it seems you can do this in any technology that can successfully execute queries and store the results. Save query results as necessary, perhaps in ArrayCollections, or in models, and then compare the results, even to determine filter results for subsequent queries.