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    RH Automatically Changing HTML Code for Links

    LaKisha1 Level 1

      For some reason, RH is doing something to the links I create. In my stylesheet, I have the following code for links:

      a {

          color: #054abc;

          cursor: pointer;



      a:hover {

          color: #336699;

          text-decoration: none;



      a:active {

          color: #333333;



      When I create a link, the HTML code looks like this *at first*:

      <a href="Development_Plan.htm">Development Plan</a>


      But then, after I save the file and switch to HTML view, the code looks like this:

      <a href=" Development_Plan.htm" style="color: #0000ff; text-decoration: underline; ">Transcript</a>


      I am not doing anything other than saving the file, and that apparently causes RH to automatically add the style (color and text-decoration). Why is RH adding that? It's causing my links not to change color when you hover over them.


      How can I make RH stop doing that, so my links display as defined in the stylesheet?

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          This is strange behaviour. How exactly do you create a hyperlink? I have seen this behaviour only with links that are empty or contain a single space.


          As a workaround, in your css, add the !important declaration to your hover styles:




          Although this isn't an elegant solution, it will overwrite the inline styling of the link and thus change colour on hover.