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    Is there a way to modify the templates used to build the WSDL client proxy classes

    TOdd_23523523 Level 1
      I"m curious if we're going to be able to customize the WSDL proxy generation in FB3 WSDL import tool. The reason being is that it creates quite a mess of spagetti at the moment and it would be nicer to have some structure to the creates classes. something like:



      also, buy using namespaces we can import multiple webservices into a project that MIGHT have VOs with the same name.

      Right now, it's probably fine for those users that just have a couple of methods to import, but once you start bringing in a few webservices, each with 20 methods, the directory structure is pretty messy.


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          Ivascu Cristian
          Hi Todd,

          No, the templates used to generate the files from wsdl are not editable, and for your intended purpose will not help that much either - the location of the files is set from code, and not templates. Also, a proposal like this has been taken into consideration, but it will really bother the use of the service in mxml syntax. By having multiple folders you would have to define multiple namespace prefixes and use them - e.g. one for the service, one for the vo's.

          Right now you can import multiple services, even if they have similar class names, by setting different package names - the generated.webservices one is just the default we provide when loading the wsdl from a local machine. You should use your own package name - e.g. com.service_name.

          Hope that helps,