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    Premiere Pro CS6 - Shouldn't be THIS slow..?

    Dee Digital Level 1

      Hi All,


      I have the following spec machine:


      Macbook Pro 2.4 Core i7 (Late 2011) 16GB RAM

      Running Mac OS X 10.8

      1x LaCie Thunderbolt drive (media)

      1x USB 2.0 scratch disk (media cache)

      Local 512Gb SSD (project files)


      Set up like the above surely shouldn't be staggering along with fans blazing? I currently have a 2 minute video sequence 1920x1080 with 1x adjustment layer for colour correction TURNED OFF and it still can't play back properly even at half the quality...


      Is the above setup wrong? I was always taught to split the locations of project files, media and cache... Happy to listen to anyone who knows better though? Thunderbolt drive is so fast so why oh why is this struggling..


      Auto graphics switching is also OFF so it isn't that..