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    drop down menus inquiry


      Question, i am looking for the ability to limit options based on previous answers, so if in drop down menu 1 the user selects bobs bait shop, on question 2 when it asks for which machine needs to be serviced the only options are the ones from bobs bait shop instead of the entire list of machines? is this possible using form central?

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          I would study the discussion section   NEW FEATURE: Page Skip Logic (aka Page Branching)

          Good luck.

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            Brian Havlin Adobe Employee



            At the moment, the only way that you'd be able to implement this behavior would be to create a separate drop-down field for each of the categories in the primary drop-down field then use skip logic rules to show the appropriate secondary drop-down field. Here's a simple example form:




            If you select one of the secondary drop-down fields and click the "Show / Hide Item" checkbox, you can create a rule that will cause the field to be shown when the user selects a particular choice in the primary drop-down. The rule configured for the third field on the form (the list of Dave's machines) is shown below, where the field is shown if the user selects "Dave's Tackle Shop".




            You would need to create a separate rule for each of the secondary drop-down fields.


            Hope this helps.