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    How to setup a link that is of the type “Go to a page in another document”?


      Is there a direct way for a javascript to setup a link that is equivalent to the acrobat link type  you get when you add a link of the type “Go to a page in another document”?



      Tools-Advanced Editing-Link tool, make a box

      Check: Go to page view, Next (Create go to view dialog opens)

      Open second document and go to page

      Click “Create go to view dialog” to set up link


      Result is a link, when view by link properties, with an action of

      Go to a page in another document

      File: C:\My Documents\File2.pdf

      Page: 43

      Zoom level: Custom


      I have a java script in a setAction of a link that I think does the job:


      1. l.setAction("var otherDoc = app.openDoc('../Folder2/File2.pdf', this);otherDoc.pageNum = 1 - 1;");


      But is there a more direct way that actual sets up a “a link of the type Go to a page in another document” so if it's "advanced edited" its the same as the manual set links?


      I would like to setup a set of pdf documents, on the hard disk of a PC or Mac, that can be open with acrobat pro running on the same computer and have the link jump to, and open in a new window, in acrobat pro, to a given page of a second document in the set.








      Code example in more detail:


      /* Insert document level JavaScript to set disclosed = true.

         This will run when the document is opened.*/


      1. this.addScript("setDisclosed", "this.disclosed = true;");


      // Search through the document for the word “Acrobat” and create a link around that word.

      for (var p = 0; p < this.numPages; p++)


          var numWords = this.getPageNumWords(p);

          for (var i=0; i<numWords; i++)


              var ckWord = this.getPageNthWord(p, i, true);

              if ( ckWord == "Acrobat")


                  var q = this.getPageNthWordQuads(p, i);

                  // Convert quads in default user space to rotated

                  // User space used by Links.

                  m = (new Matrix2D).fromRotated(this,p);

                  mInv = m.invert()

                  r = mInv.transform(q)


                  r = r.split(",");

                  l = addLink(p, [r[4], r[5], r[2], r[3]]);

                  l.borderColor = color.blue

                  l.borderWidth = 1



                 l.setAction("var otherDoc = app.openDoc('../Folder2/File2.pdf', this);otherDoc.pageNum = 3 - 1;");







      Current Systems in use to create documents with links and view them:

      Windows XP SP3

      Word 2003 SP3

      Acrobat 9 pro version 9.4.4


      Or just to view them:

      Mac OS 10 Lion version 10.7.4

      Acrobat 9 pro version 9.5.1

      (note I have limited understanding of Mac’s)