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    Delete function


      Once I open documents in Adobe Reader on my iPad and they are included in my document library, how do I delete them?

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          Dennis Griffin (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          If you tap the "edit" button in the top-right of the window when in Documents view, you will be able to select documents to Delete, Rename, Duplicate, and Move into folders.

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            pgh77 Community Member

            Thank you for the response.  I get as far as tapping edit and selecting the file, then how do I get to the menu to allow me to Delete, Rename, Duplicate and Move?



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              Dennis Griffin (Adobe) Adobe Employee

              Once you choose Edit, there should be icons that appear at the top of the document list for each of these functions. They will be greyed out if the function doesn't make sense for the current selection.

              The icons are

              Folder with + Sign : Create a Folder, only active if there are no documents selected

              Two Documents : Duplicate Selected Documents, only active if there are 1 or more documents selected

              Folder with -> : Move to folder, only available if there are 1 or more documents selected

              Box with Text Cursor and ... : Rename, only available if there is 1 document selected

              Trashcan : Delete, only available if there are 1 or more documents selected

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                pgh77 Community Member

                I guess that is my problem.  The header continues to show Documents in the middle and the edit button remains visible on the right.  I do not get any additional icons.

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                  I select 4 doc's and then the edit button.  The doc's uncheck and nothing else happens. What's up with that?   Thanks!

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                    Steve Werner ACP/MVPs

                    If you don't see the correct buttons, there are two things you can do:


                    (1) RELOAD THE APP:  Click the Home button. Double-click the Home button to view recent apps. Press and hold on the Adobe Reader app to view a delete (red minus sign). Click on the app, and it quits. Click the Home button and relaunch Reader.


                    (2) RESET YOUR IPAD/IPHONE: Click the Home and Wake/Sleep buttons at the same time. Keep them down past the Slide to Power Off message until you see the Apple logo. Let it come up and relaunch Reader.

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                      Derek J. S.

                      If you want to delete a single document, don't bother using the edit menu.  Just put your finger on the document in the "Documents" section and swipe to the right.  This should bring up a delete button for that document.

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                        rx35285 Community Member

                        Thanks a lot!  I didn't know about the app reload feature and it worked.