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    InDesign and PDF filename exporting




      I have a question to do... I'm editing a INDD file, and in example, the filename of this ind is "5468Shark.INDD" but... When I export this document to PDF, the filename of the pdf is showing like this "5468Shark Jason.PDF".



      My question is... How can I make it? How can I change the name and make the new name as default for future files?



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          By default an exported PDF will have the same name as the .indd file. If, however, the name of the PDF gets changed during export, and then the .indd file is saved before closing the new name is saved  in the file and becaomes the default name of any PDF exported from that file until it is changed again, or until it is reset by exporting to .idml or .inx.