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    setting track matte

    vtxr1300 Level 1

      I usually work in after effects so I'm completely at home there using luma mattes for motion graphic transparencys.  However I have about 10 videos in premiere that I need to add titles to.  They'll all be on a lower third so I created a black/white image to serve as a matte for the lower third hoping that I could have my text titles in premiere use that as a matte.  I was then going to animate the position so they move in and appear where the matte image is white. 


      I tried using the set matte effect and it seems to work fine on another clip but doesn't appear to have any effect on a title.  I tried moving the title into it's own sequence, similar to AE's precomp workflow, but again, the matte didn't have any effect on the text. 


      I have a number of titles to add to each video and it would be much, much faster to do it in premiere if I can figure out how to get the mattes working correctly.  Does anyone know of a tutorial that covers using mattes in premiere for title transitions?  I've looked through the docs but can't seem to find the detailed help I need.  Thanks!

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I'm confused.  Why exactly do you need the matte for the titles?  Why can't you achieve the desired outcome without the mattes?

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            Steven L. Gotz Level 5

            Jim has a point. I believe that you may be missing something we think of as obvious. The Premiere Pro titler does not require a matte. It has an alpha channel of it's own. The entire frame is transparent except where you place text or objects. Just animate the position of the title over a background. You can do that to several titles and layer them to make it act more like After Effects.


            Of course, I make most of my animated titles in After Effects and use them in Premiere Pro using Dynamic Link. I only use the Premiere Pro titler for static text. Or rolls and crawls.


            Or maybe we don't understand what you are trying to do?


            You can create mattes in the titler. Hmmm. Maybe if you exported the title to a PNG file, you could make it behave the way you want it to. Just put the title on a timeline without any video behind it and click on the camera button in the Program Monitor. Save it out to a PNG file (which supports an alpha channel). Then use the file instead of a title.


            Sorry for rambling. I figured if I threw enough stuff out there, maybe you could grab an idea you like and run with it.


            -- Steven

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              vtxr1300 Level 1

              Sorry if my question was confusing.  I just don't have much premiere experience to know what's possible. 


              I understand that the titler creates text with a transparent background.  But my problem is that I want the text to appear dropping down into the lower third but only being visible when it is in the space occupied by the lower third.  So if I move it's Y axis from say half screen down to the lower third part of the screen I only want it to be visible once it enters the lower third area.  That's why I need to apply a matte to the title.  Does that make sense?

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                Or crop the title so it only appears when you move it to the designated area.

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                  Jon-M-Spear Level 4

                  Or fade it in with a dissolve.

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                    Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                    Animate the crop of course. That would work.


                    One of the great things about Adobe software is that there are usually many ways to accomplish a task.


                    I think you might be happiest turning your title into a PNG file and using the matte you already have.


                    However, I highly suggest that someone with After Effects skills do their titles in AE.

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                      vtxr1300 Level 1

                      Thanks Steven, that's what I was wondering about.  Would it just be more efficient to do the titles in after effects.  It seemed to me that it would be faster especially come render time to do it in premiere, but I am a lot more at home in AE, so I may do it there.  Thanks everyone for the input.

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                        Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                        I am sorry that it took me so long to get back to this. I solved the riddle. The embarrassing part of this story is that I solved the riddle back when Premiere Pro CS3 came out. Or maybe someone else solved it. I really can't remember. Back when nesting sequences so was so new it needed a lot of explaining. Back when I earned these 3100+ posts.


                        I was just falling asleep last night when a thought came to me. I had answered this question before. Then I spent the day out of town and when I finally got to sit down at my PC I merely searched my own web site for "Track Matte".  Oh. Right. I remember now.


                        I have prepared a better looking example than last time. I used a Lower Third I downloaded from a site when they were giving them away free. It had some gray elements and some reddish ones. I made a copy of the image and colored the red parts black. So I had my track matte. I used a Luma key, so if you look really close, you will see that the text starts to appear in the gray area, not just the black. I was going to fix that then decided i liked it. I dropped the lower third and the text a bit from the default. If I felt like tweaking it more, and it was a person in the video and not an animated stuffed animal, I would have avoided letting his mouth drop behind the lower third.


                        The trick is to put the title with the text on a separate sequence. Using the matte at 50% opacity on top of the text (not actually acting as a track matte), I was able to position the text using keyframe times from the first sequence. Then I deleted the matte from the second sequence. I nested the second sequence into the first, applied the track matte to the nested sequence, and achieved the results I believe vtxr1300 was looking for. Here is a screenshot of my project window (shrunk way down from the windows size I really use at 1920X1080)




                        I just posted the sample video on Vimeo. Please let me know if you have any questions. I have been away a long time and I finally feel useful again. Even if it is just to dig up the bones of old tutorials and polish them for a new display case. I did add a bit of directional blur to the text and the lower third as they left the frame. Funny. I finally had a red bar telling me I needed to render. This is the first time I have applied effects in CS6 that were not GPU acceleration friendly.