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    Indesign Object Coordinates

    Bill joy Level 1



      I want to know about indesign object coordinates.

      In .indd file coordinates take 32 byte for any coordinate for top, left, bottom, right or (x, y, width, height).

      How calculate x and y value from these 8-8 byte.It contain floting value but not follow IEEE standered.

      What format use to store coordinate in indesign .indd file.

      When I create a text frame in indesign on first page using Facing option whose value are

      X=0, Y=0, Width=50,Height=50 and ruler is set on (0,0).I am not using any rotation.

      Then I find the 32 byte for this in .indd file

      00 00 00 00 00 00 22 C0

      67 BD 78 7C 6C 91 7A C0

      EE 76 BB DD 6E D7 62 40

      F0 01 9B CD 66 63 71 C0

      How calculate x , y width, height value from these hex byte.

      What standered use by indesign to store coordinate.

      Is there is any function in sdk that take these hex value and return coordinate.



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          Hi Bill joy,


          Check this out....





          function test(){

          //alert(myDocument.rectangles.item(0).resolve(AnchorPoint.TOP_LEFT_ANCHOR,CoordinateSpaces .INNER_COORDINATES)[0]);


          var rectangleCount=myPage.rectangles.count();

          var i = 0;

          var coordinates=[];

          var multi=[];

          var multi1=[];


          for(var j=0;j<=rectangleCount-1;j++){

              var coordinatesValue = myDocument.rectangles[j].paths[0].pathPoints;

              for (; i < coordinatesValue.length; i++) {






          var i=0;