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    Geen line appears at bottom of MP4s at 720x486


      One of the stations which airs our programs specs requires 720x486 as an MOV, MPEG2 or MP4. But as you see in the attached screen print, there is a green line at the bottom of the video. Yes, it’s airable because the green line would be way out of action safe and would not be viewable on anyone’s television, but the station doesn't like it and it bothers me that I can't find a way around it. Even with me stretching the video on a 486 sequence and exporting it as 486, the line still shows up on the MP4. I would export an MPEG2, but I cannot export an MPEG2 at 486 with a 29.97 frame rate which is also required. I would export it as an MOV, but the file size will be about 10 times larger and will be a problem for delivery.




      As I told the station, it this seems to be a lot of effort over something that won’t be viewable on anyone’s television sets, and I said I'm willing to work with them if they have any ideas. I wondered if you have any suggestions here as well.