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    AVCHD files in PrPro 5 (playback- & editingproblems)

    mo tucker


      I have to edit a project in PrPro CS 5 with AVCHD files:






      Complete name               D:\(...)\STREAM\00002.MTS

      Format                            BDAV

      Format/Info                     Blu-ray Video

      Overall bit rate mode      Variable

      Overall bit rate               16.2 Mbps

      Max. Overall bit rate      18.0 Mbps



      Format                                    AVC

      Format/Info                             Advanced Video Codec

      Format profile                         Main@L4.0

      Format settings, CABAC        Yes

      Format settings, ReFrames    2 frames

      Format settings, GOP             M=2, N=13

      Codec ID                                 27

      Bit rate mode                         Variable

      Bit rate                                   15.1 Mbps

      Maximum bit rate                    16.0 Mbps

      Width                                     1 440 pixels

      Height                                    1 080 pixels

      Display aspect ratio              16:9

      Frame rate                            25.000 fps

      Color space                          YUV

      Chroma subsampling            4:2:0

      Bit depth                               8 bits

      Scan type                             Interlaced

      Scan order                           Top Field First

      Bits/(Pixel*Frame)                 0.389

      Stream size                          23.3 MiB (93%)



      My problem:

      The playback of the files is very very bad - even in low resolution.

      Reverse playback starts after a delay of maybe 3 sec.


      There are about 300+ clips in this project.

      Everytime I open the project PrPro links (loads) all these files AGAIN - which takes apout 1 or 2 minutes.



      Win7 64bit / PrPro CS 5 / nVidia Quadro 4000 / 24gb RAM / 2xQuadCore

      Optimized for best performance etc.



      AVCHAD is Interfame - I think this causes the problems.

      I tried to encode to DNxHD 120 but this is slow, too.


      So, what should I do?



      Best regards