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    Efficient Way of Trimming & Re-Saving Long Footage Into Smaller/Shorter Clips?


      It is not uncommon for many of my shoots to contain 1+ hour(s) of constant filming


      With that being said, there is a great ammount of dead unusable footage that is just using space.


      Is there a  fast/efficient way to:

      1. Import the original long version of the footage into Premiere 

      2. Trim out smaller clips that I want to use. 

      3. Have these smaller individual clips RE-SAVED seperatly on Hard Drive

      4. Delete the original long version of the file off my Hard Drive.


      Lets say the original file is 8gigs, and I only want 10 clips that are a total of 1.5 gigs. There is an obsured ammount of wasted space sitting on my Hard Drive that premiere is linked too. I want to just be able to resave them and have an organized system on my Hard Drive. I can then find clips i need much more efficiently instead of sorting through the orignial 8gig file.