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    Help me with a problem


      I am editing a short film in avid media composer 6. I complete the edit and export an aaf. I import the aaf in after effects with automatic duck pro. I change the bit depth to 16 bit and suddenly my footage gets introduced to artifacts. They are just pink and blue specs which are all around on the image. They are mostly on highlights but are also showing up in mids and shadows. They are not in every shot but in most of them. The footage is from 5d mark2  which is imported in avid as DNxHD 115. I want to do the compositing and export a 16 bit tiff sequence for grading in resolve. Why are the artifacts showing and how to remove or avoid them. Please help me. They go when i switch back to 8 bit but I have to work in 16 bit. Please help.

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          sharry0048 Level 1



          This is what my export looks like. Please help me out.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            What version of AE? What OS? Are you using Open GL for rendering? What happens when you go to 32 bit?


            I wish I knew more about Avid Codecs. I'd be willing to bet that the problem started with the conversion to the Avid codec you're using. I'd try importing the original footage from Canon for the example and see what that looks in AE.

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              sharry0048 Level 1

              Im using Windows 7 Ultimate and After Effects CS5. It stays exactly the same when I change it to 32 Bit. And yes I am using Open GL for rendering. It is set to always use Open GL. Now there shouldn't be a problem with Avid DNxHD codec. It is a excellent codec. I tried the whole thing with linked ama footage and linking them to original canon files and I did not get any artifacting. But I guess the problem is not in the codec. there is something else. DNxHD is such a robust codec. There should be some explaination. Why do professionals use Avid then, if its intermediate codec is all messed up and cannot be taken to any other software? I saw nothing when I took this sequence in Resolve.

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Turn off OpenGL rendering.