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    Discussion on the psychological quality and skill card game

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      Three dozen ha card game originated in Hunan, and then gradually spread to all parts of the country. Three dozen of HA with Changsha words three playing a Habbo, other local general called the three play, the game is similar to the two deck upgrade. The difference lies in that upgrading is playing on, and three HA is involved in all four biddable, to make to the highest points so far no one by the name of mark, and the highest score by calling cards, cards are called, the other three person leisure family, family three people playing catch by idle, so called the three dozen ha ( three a ).

      I play three games from two to 00, six years, has been five years, although the time is not long, but time flies., imperceptibly spent five years. In order to promote and popularize three dozen ha card game, www.liqunqipai.net has grown three dozen ha Games team, let more like three dozen ha card game friend master some basic skills, to achieve knowledge sharing, technology exchange, learn from each other, common purpose to improve, I will combine their three play, play card game real on the three play, play, game psychological qualities and skills, I only play a role, but the students surpass the teacher. Look, and blue.

      One, play cards to keep good state of mind, must not be happy playing cards

      In the first game before holding a learning mentality, take the length of others, fill oneself short, so as to constantly improve their technical level.

      Why do some people play playing cards for years three, technical level not long Jin? This is what causes it? There are two possible reasons : the first is the arrogant, always feel that I was a veteran, which have as novice. Always hold me veteran game player, his mind is often play cards to win, chaos random grab playing, if win good blame everyone and everything but not oneself, lost. Even individual game player when the mouth is not clean. So, his technical level always mark time, technological level has always been difficult to raise. Second reasons: some game player to play a few the implicit, didn't want to improve technology. The game player regardless of the hand is good, but often put the card points is very high, don't let you play cards, all take a license plate, no surrender. The game 's level of technology will never high.

      Why do some game player to play three playing card is not a long time, but played well? I think the main factors are: the playing cards, academic and aspirant, be good at summing up, progress quickly. However, such people are often a good attitude, winning no cards, the purpose I come to everybody study, go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures, but also in the cards is also very modest, play, thinking and thinking, not HERSHEY'S not just random grab playing. Therefore, the good state of mind, often catch up from behind. At the same time, if you follow some master cards, are generally very carefully, not barking licensing and licensing.

      In two, playing cards to play technology skills to think more

      To play well in three dozen ha card game is easy, as long as the master rules do not one or two hours to learn. However, to really play three dozen ha card game is not an easy thing, more than one day. This requires long-term practice, repeatedly thinking, serious summary. I will now play in three playing cards, in practice, have experience greatly is to grasp the "two guan ":

      It should be a good grasp of the bid. I want a game of cards. Quality is the key. We must first look at the hands of the brand? If the hands of the trumps have more than two pairs, and often the main can also, vice licensing generally have larger dyad, or have a small drag words, this card you can bold play. If the hand 's two or three pair cards, often not much, vice licensing neither point card, and no two pairs, if rob playing, sometimes may win, but it was just luck. In most cases ten nine. For example: I have a friend and play cards, hands on, Wang, and a pair of 7 cards, but too bad not to get success. So bid points called high for good? This called the call is much higher, because each bureau hand is not the same, so you can't lump together. In short, when the hand is a bit better can be called a little higher, if the hand is not good can be called the low point or not bid, this is for each hand, concrete analysis of concrete problems, flexible control.

      Secondly, we should grasp the play off. When you got a good hand, cannot explain you a high level of technology, can only show you a seat position and good luck. If you have a good hand, this is a good beginning, if you don't play were also beaten. If the card is not very good, as long as you are careful to discard or discard, can also battle " or leisure family. The past is an idiom: afraid of " serious " two characters. Why when someone speaks others be absent-minded, even expressions about " pig" and so on, I think is to discard or discard is a bit of a problem.

      In three, playing cards to tell the whole coordination should have team spirit

      Why talk about playing cards to say overall fit, have team spirit? Why don't I will be third major points included in the second points, and specifically included one? This shows that the overall cooperation is important. Speak of here is the main leisure family overall coordination complexes. Particularly for playing three dozen ha licensing leisure home without coordination and spirit hard hit. Three dozen ha card to fight alone, leisure family three should be with the collective as one can defeat. Especially to remind leisure family, must not be selfish, when personal hero. Otherwise, you can't play a few people will do not play with you.

      In short, the above is my play playing card game in three, a bit experience, not necessarily exactly, just for your reference. At the same time, also welcome everybody to master Ni Wensan ha forum, learn together, work together to improve. Thank you.

      ( text by www.liqunqipai.net Liqun chess provided)