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    Search Document with excel data

    whitefx Level 1

      I've been searching for quite some time now about the question that I'm about to ask.  Please help point me in the right direction if this has already been discussed.


      I have several static InDesign documents which are product catalogs with thousands of products listed.  Is it possible to search an InDesign document and verify if a.) the document contains on of the product numbers/ID's from the Excel file and b.) report if the product ID isn't listed in the document.


      All product ID's located in indesign are formatted with paragraph styles within text frames.  Attached is a screen shot where I have tried to relay an image of the the format that I have for both programs.screenshot1.png



      I understand that there are plugins such as EasyCatalog which is a full fledged program for making catalogs.  I have looked into this, but it is over kill for what we need.  I understand to some degree how data merge works but am not trying to populate new catalogs; just maintain what I have been volunteered to maintain.


      It seems like there is a way to search and compare without manually typing in each product number in the search field to verify whether it is already included in the document.