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    flash 11.3.300.268 setting lagging really bad (firefox)


      hello everyone


      i just update flash from 11.3.300.265 to 268

      the first things i experience after finish updating my flash is when i open setting (from flash right click menu -> setting)

      the setting menu is so lagging, even it so hard to move between tabs


      i tried uninstall the flash -> restart -> disable antivirus (MSE) -> reinstall

      and still same on firefox 14.0.1

      haven't tried on IE or other browser

      anyone else experiencing same behavior like me ?


      thanks in advance

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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          I'm able to reproduce this on my system, but it doesn't appear to be laggy.  Instead, what I'm seeing is that when moving the mouse over the tabs, the rollover areas are very small/offset.  Once the rollover graphic appears (the image turns from the faded to clear picture of say the microphone) clicking works right away.  Do you see the same thing?



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            cyber-up Level 1

            thanks for the reply


            yes i am also experiencing what you said


            as for the lags, i did several test and it seems happen when i have many tabs with several flash on my firefox (especially with active flash, like video stream)

            so when switching between tabs (on setting menu), there like few seconds delay until showing the tabs/the rollover graphic turn from faded to clear

            it more like intermitents, sometimes the lags disappear and switching between tabs is back to normal/smooth without lag...

            then few click on tabs make the lag come again ..


            well its not serious problem, as we rarely need to change flash setting