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    OSMF 2.0 Captions Support

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      I'm trying to get a complete picture of captioning support in OSMF 2.0, and if possible the next version of OSMF.  With recent US legislation, this is rather important information.


      What in stream captioning data is supported?  For what protocols?

      What external file formats are supported?


      Then only info I have seen is that the captioning plugin seems to support marrying an external DXFP file to a video.  Is this the complete support currently offered?


      As an example of what I'm looking for, I can go to JWPlayer's site regarding their Captioning Plugin and fairly easily assess they support the following:

      external files: SRT, DXFP

      embedded in the stream: onTextData and MP4 3GPP text tracks

      And I even get instructions on how to do each of them, and any caveats regarding limitations of support.



      I'm looking for similar information for OSMF player.





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          You are correct the Captioning plugin is a DFXP sub-set solution that uses an external xml file. Adobe has added a SMPTE-TT plugin in OSMF 2.0, you can see it in the samples directory when you unzip the OSMF zip file.

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            ScottKell3 Level 1

            Thanks Charlies. 


            1. My understanding is that both those plug-ins allow the ability to point to DXFP or SMPTE-TT files from the player side, which works fine for VOD.  Is my understanding correct?


            2. So what support does OSMF 2.0 have for in-stream captions in a live stream.. Does it support onTextData or onCaption data events like JWPlayer?


            3. What are upcoming plans in OSMF for in-stream/live captioning?


            Thanks again,



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              charles_newman Level 1

              Re 1. Correct.

              Re 2. There is nothing stopping you from adding your own client handler for any in-stream callback you wish. Just set the clientHandler on the VideoElement:


              VideoElement(mediaPlayer.media).client.addHandler("onTextData", onTextData)