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    Serious problem with RH7

    Moonlion2 Level 1
      Whether I'm in Design view or HTML view I cannot accurately edit text in my current project, in the sample project included with RH7 (Customer Care), or when I create a brand new topic.

      Here are screenshots illustrating the problem (both of them using the new project I created to diagnose this problem):


      I cannot edit text in HTML view because there's no way to know where the cursor is and whether the change has actually taken place. When I highlight text in HTML view by clicking and dragging, as I slide the cursor over to either the right or the left the text is displaced as if the cursor was using magnetic polarity to scoot the letters away from it. If I select text by double-clicking then the word will highlight--but for example the last character will be highlighted and moved halfway across the line, or some other similar inexplicable crazy effect. I can't reliably put the cursor anywhere.

      This curious sliding around only happens in HTML view. In Design view, the text, specifically the leading, is only grossly inaccurate and is most pronounced with ligatures.

      I need to be able to edit in HTML view...

      I've run Adobe's RH7 installer and repaired RH7 and then used it again to delete RH7 altogether and reinstalled it, neither of which has fixed this problem.

      I'm rather at a loss as to where to proceed. Is there a corrupt file somewhere that the installer would not have deleted that I should manually delete?