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    Shadow/Highlight flickering on DSLR video


      Hello. After spending 3 hours in google I've decided to write here. Situation: after applying shadow/highlight to video in timeline I can see, that image begin to flicker (like tearing without vsync in games, but it is not) Part of the image is with applied filter, other is not. Let me show you sample:

      shadow highlight flicker.jpg

      It's from preview window. The same thing happens, when you export video, i.e. filter is not working. 6 years ago the same problem was reported here, on abobe's forum - no solution, no fix. Filter is in manual mode, without any "automatic" settings. video - 1920x1080 25p H.264 baseline profile 48mbit (from canon 600D). Replacing video with Apple ProRes proxies didn't work, cutting video to 0.5sec pieces - too, setting black clip to zero also not worked.

      Is there any fix or workaround? Like for example "Open HEX-editor, find shadow/highlight filter, open it, set offset to BF and write "AA 5D B7 EE":):)

      Windows 7 x64, Premiere CS 6, Core2Quad Q6600, Nvidia GeForce 285.

      P.S. Tried to disable hardware mercury playback - not helped