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    Flash Player Update and Download Problem


      I had a message telling me to update my Adobe Flash player, so I tried doing that. Got a message that the update needed to close, so apparently it didn't finish updating.(can't remember the message exactly since I didn't know it was going to lead to this problem). Then I found I could not open my email or other sites requiring Adobe Flash Player. It appeared that Adobe had been removed all together.


      I tried downloading Adobe Flash Player 11.3.300.268. It starts downloading but in the end gives me an error message saying: "Host Unable to Load Application Configuration". I use Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8. I tried saving Adobe Flash Player to my computer before trying to run it but it won't run when I try to open it...I just get the same Host message.


      I tried using System Restore to restore my settings to a date 6 days ago, but after the process completed, I got a message that the process was "incomplete because there had not been any changes to my computer"! Well, there have been changes since I used to have Adobe Flash Player and now I don't, and I can't install and run it, meaning I can't open my email or other sites that require it. Please help me fix this. I'm not a computer wizard. Would appreciate any help!