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    FAQ: Using the Web module and Publish Services to share your images on the internet

    Brett N Adobe Employee

      Now that I'm done editing my files in Lightroom, do I save them? What now?

        Once you have completed your adjustments in the Develop module, it is time to share your work with everyone. There are several ways to do this and one of the broadest is to share over the internet.You can share to your web page, a social media site, or simply through email.


      What does Lightroom's Web module do and how do I use it?

        With the Web module you can create image galleries which can be uploaded to your website. The customizable pages are perfect for online portfolios and contact sheets to share your work with your audience or clients. Web module panels and tools gives a brief overview of what you'll find when you enter the module. Once you have selected the images you want to upload, you can specify web gallery layouts to start working based upon an existing template and then adjust it to your liking. If you like the adjustments you've made, then you can create custom web gallery templates. You can even save web settings as a web collection. Once you have setup what you want, you'll preview, export, and upload web photo galleries. Having set up your connect to your website, you can create and manage FTP presets.

      • Output (Video, 22:07) [Skip ahead to 18:50] from Lightroom 2 What's New with Julianne Kost.
      • Web Module (Video, 8:40) from Learn Lightroom 2 Basics with Matt Kloskowski.


      How can I share my photos over social media?

        You can send your images to your friends, family, and fans who follow you through various social media site using Lightroom's Publish Services. Lightroom comes with the ability to upload your images directly to Adobe Revel, Facebook, and Flickr. You can also download plug-ins that will allow you to publish to other sites as well. Some can be picked up at Adobe Exchange, others can be downloaded from the host website itself.


      Can I simply email my photos?

        Yes, you can email photos from Lightroom.


      What if I am having trouble when attempting to send files to the web?

        Check out these troubleshooting and solutions documents: