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    Flash Player 11.3 locks up constantly in Firefox


      The protected mode is not the only problem.  When I went to play any flash games on my own computer the security window would open up and would not allow me to click on it locking up my Firefox.  I finally used the flash uninstaller and installed 11.2 and all my problem went away!  Flash Player 11.3 is total and utter garbage that does nothing but cause problems and lock ups.  You FAILED on 11.3 go back to a working format like 11.2 that works!

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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          Sorry that was happening for you, but I'm glad you were able to get back to 11.2.  What security window was popping up?  Did you happen to take a screen shot?

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            Jean James

            Chris, I have Adobe Creative Suite 5, which includes Flash Professional. I have never had any reason to open it.


            In the past couple of weeks, many websites that I visit are telling me I must install 11.3 Flash. I have tried about half a dozen times and have to keep uninstalling because it malfunctions.


            When I go back to the websites in question, I get messages asking me if I want to allow this programme to access my computer. Even if I say YES to this annoying message, all I get is more and more of the same question, and still cannot access the website.


            So I went into Flash Professional. I saw that an update was required. I thought perhaps this update would allow me to access these websites  WITHOUT downloading Flash 11.3 separately. I downloaded the update, but it made no difference.


            I had the same problems with Adobe Flash update 10.


            I have no idea what to do about this. Can you help please?

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              molitar_ Level 1

              regretably no because my entire system locked up.  Since the security prompt was the active window and I could not click on it I could not click on anything else either basically crashing my entire system.

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                System lockups are the most insidious to diagnose and parsing through multiple session logs looking for similar event ID's is as useless or more confusing.

                In my case, it was an issue of accounting of ALL RECENT SYSTEM changes including hardware upgrades since additional RAM / new laptops encourages us to blithely accept automatic upgrades and downloads.

                Since my issue occurred on the same laptop but under different circumstances whether it was running Windows or Linux and different versions of both but always locked up when playing vids from Amazon or YouTube.


                It turned out to be an smart ethernet port setting on a newly purchased Cisco switch and a DIMM chip that was 1 notch faster than the PC called for.


                replacing the overly aggressive RAM chip for one rated for the notebook  and disabling PortFast was necessary to calm the system back to its old boring, stable self. Implementing juse one was enough to reduce the lockups but not enought to eliminate them until both solutoins were combined.


                It just took five weeks and a packet sniffer to determine that and I cleaned up everything else along the way and uninstalled every piece of software including my name.


                When searching for the tire leak, we end up fixing all of the oil leaks.

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                  jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                  We're interested in investigating this, but we need some actionable details about your system, with the goal of reproducing and understanding the problem.


                  The following information from Firefox would be helpful:


                  1.) In the address bar, type "about:crashes" (no quotes)

                       I'd like the first few links.

                            If they start with "bp", just copy them.

                            If not, click the link to submit the report, then copy the subsequent URL


                  2.) In the address bar, type "about:plugins" and copy the information there.


                  3.) In the address bar, type "about:support" and copy the infromation there.


                  4.) Provide the output of the Direct X diagnostic tool.

                       Click Start > Run > type "dxdiag" > Save All Information


                  If you're not comfortable posting that information to the thread, click my name and send me a private message.


                  Also, was this the security dialog you were getting, or something else?



                  The exact text of the message and description of what you were seeing would be helpful there.


                  Also, what was the URL of the site where you were running into the issue?

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                    PhantomFleet Level 1

                    Very nice of you to reach me, I'm pleasantly stunned with your request

                    since every vendor such as the named and others like Lenovo, Cisco,

                    especially Microsoft would remain in a state of fortress disinterest to

                    avoid any appearance of flaw.


                    I'll get you those crash reports and specs and even the Cisco

                    running-config files with passwords removed so that you may have

                    essentially have a replica of the entire environment.


                    Damn decent of you to reach me.