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    CS6 .mts from AF100 will not stop conforming

    cowboymustache Level 1

      I see tons of chatter about this issue over the years but no real resolution to the issue. I'm a recent convert from FCP/Avid. I have some .mts files from an AF100. I followed everyones advice and let the audio finish conforming before I started editing, but not only do the files need to be conformed every time I restart PP, but every time I switch a sequence! This is killing me. I have to open any clip I want to listen to in the source monitor to prioritize it in the conforming cue. I see the .pek and .cfa and .xmp files in the folder with the source media, but obviously things are not communicating. Any work arounds? Seems like this has been and issue since CS3 or 4, wish Adobe would have worked this out by now....I have updated to the most recent version of cs 6, mac os 10.6.8, Dual Quad Core Xeon with 32GB ram....