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    CS6/Mac - Linked Text Boxes Spinning Beachball Issue



      When I have two Text Boxes Linked together and Im typing on the second box my curser flashes/ blinks from curser to the spinning beachball of death back and forth as im typing..


      Anyone know how to stop this from happening.. Its very annoying and distracting while Im trying to type.





      Steps to Recreate:

      1. Create a new document in InDesign

      2. Create two text boxes/ frames of any size, smaller (2" x 2") is better so you dont have to type a lot of text

      3. Link the two text boxes/ frames

      4. Start typing random filler text in the first text box until it starts overflowing into the second one..

      5. Note that the curser does or doesnt start to flash/ blink from curser to beachball over and over as you type.