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    Adobe Acrobat 9 still can't convert Word 2003 files?

    brain-out Level 1

      http://forums.adobe.com/thread/673769 is a link to the same discussion a year ago.  There was no option for me to add a reply, so I had to create a new discussion here.


      HAS THIS PROBLEM BEEN FIXED?  Fujitsu's pdf printer S1500 comes with a full OEM version Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard, which I just installed.  Immediately it caused problems with Word 2003, just as the above discussion link illustrates.  Clearly that's a problem with Adobe Acrobat not being able to read SOME fonts.  Where is there any bug fix for this?


      Why would a customer want to upgrade Adobe Acrobat, if he can't get font support?  In my case, it appears that GREEK FONTS are not supported, which makes no sense, if the fonts are installed in Windows.  The pdf-converter knock-offs like Smart Creator PDF Pro can convert just fine -- so why not Adobe Acrobat?  Who wants to pay more for Adobe, if it is worse?


      So again I ask -- has this problem been fixed?  Very unprofessional, if the answer is 'no'.


      Very unproductive, too.  I spent hours on computer crashes, reinstall uninstall detect and repair, just like the posters in that thread above, from a year ago.  Businesses don't need this kind of aggravation.  IS ADOBE EVEN LISTENING?  Very unprofessional, if the answer is 'no'.

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          Bill@VT Level 7

          First, this is a user-to-user forum and not one for Adobe. They are sometimes around, but not on a regular basis. The lengthy discussion in the link did not apparently get folks to a solution. I did not see your handle in the discussion.


          Two common errors were suggested, one the color setup and the other was font errors. Keep in mind that just because you have a font, it might not be able to be embedded in the file. That is due to copyright restrictions. The font file has to have the permission built into it to be used. That may be the case for any font that you download from another source. Most of the MS fonts are licensed for embedding.


          Also, just because you have a font with the same name, does not mean it is the same. There are often multiple versions of the fonts, some that are useful and others not.


          Out of the linked discussion, I have no idea what issues you are having -- there were many. I use AA9 with OFFICE 2007 and have no problems. I also use AA8 with OFFICE 2007. For AA7 I have a machine that runs OFFICE XP (2003). None of these have issues. To be able to help (if we can at all) it is necessary to track down the conditions when the problem occurs and possibly try to replicate it some. A few folks mentioned 64-bit systems in the linked discussion. The 64-bit systems have caused a lot of problems and generally require the updates for proper opertation.


          From the point-of-view of trying to fix things without delving into the specfics, all I can suggest are a repair and then updates to the latest version of Acrobat. The updates should be able to be done from the Help menu, but if not from there you can download them from the Adobe Downloads>updates site.


          Probably not considered much help at this point, but I really don't have enough information to home in on the problem. It may be that my copyright comment about fonts is really the issue (you should get an error message from Distiller if you print to the Adobe PDF printer that suggest the problem. As far as other packages, if they do indeed embed copyright fonts that do not have permission, then you are technically violating the law, even if allowed by the software. I have no idea if that is the case, but it is a possibility.

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            brain-out Level 1

            The dysfunctional Adobe Forum won't let me reply to you from the discussion page, so in the fine print at the bottom of this email, it claims I can respond to you by email.  Dumb way to force a reply, dumber that the forums for Windows are now read-only.  So here goes, via email:


            Thank you for TRYING to reply, Bill.  But the issue is Adobe's own bug, not someone else's machine.  So far the most helpful comment I received was by Comdet in the Amazon reviews of Acrobat 9, saying he had to print a file to disk as a PS file then run through the Distiller, to get a stable and properly-formatted conversion.  I'm going to try that idea.  I also wrote a one-star review of Acrobat 9, and if the Comdet comment works, then I'll make a note to that effect there, rather than here.


            The software is badly designed;  if it claims to be universal, then it should be;  but is not, even with widely-used programs like Word 2003, which has been out since then.  Adobe has that reputation of being arcane and buggy, and keeps on having it.  Trying to get help from Adobe is pointless.  That's good, because someone ELSE will come up with a competitive alternative to Adobe, so we can all gradually stop using it.  I'm sick to death of the big software houses' ineptitude.  So you can bet I'm not willing to install or recommend, any later upgrades.  A company which behaves this badly, writes dysfunctional software, and couldn't care less about the user.


            But thank YOU for trying to answer.  Hope you get this reply, but I'm not counting on it.  IF I don't see it post in the discussions, I'll add the reply to my one-star review in Amazon, which thankfully has a normal forum posting process, and even allows you to edit your posts.

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              Bill@VT Level 7

              Not sure what your posting problem is. If you want to try a basic conversion process, then select the Adobe PDF printer and print-to-file. Open the file in Distiller and see if that does the job. The Adobe PDF printer is a PS printer and the file created is a PS file, though it will have a PRN extension. Then you can try a separate PS printer if you like and see if there are differences. If the print-to-file works you can not get a result from the Adobe PDF printer when it is not selected, then you likely do not have AcroTray running in the background. It is necessary for the print process (recognizes the file and sends it to Distiller in the background). The PDF Maker option was removed from this process with AA9 and you might try it also.

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                brain-out Level 1

                Thanks again, Bill, but I been there, done that, and it all works in Word 2002, but not 2003.  PDFMaker does the job directly without Distiller, and does the job better, but neither works in Word 2003.  So I know it's not a document-specific problem, but a fact that compatibility with Word 2003 is not really stable at all.  With Word 2002, compatible, smooth, and Distiller is actually worse (won't convert intra-doc links like bookmarks or links with text overlays).


                So to me, this issue is now closed.  Fact is, the advertised compatibility of Acrobat 9 with Word 2003 is false.  A year has gone by and several updates to 9, didn't change the status from the discussion a year prior, which means Adobe doesn't care about the customer.  So I will never buy an Adobe product, again.  Too many law firms use Word 2003 and prior.  Prior versions of Adobe are compatible, but Acrobat 9 is not.  End of story.  If I was this deaf to my own customers, I'd be out of business.

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                  Bill@VT Level 7

                  When ever you use the printer route, the links and bookmarks are not converted. As for WORD 2003, you might check that WORD itself is up to date.

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                    brain-out Level 1

                    Yes, Word 2003 is up-to-date.  The fault is in Adobe Acrobat, clearly. It stably works with an EARLIER version of Word, than advertised.  Simple as that.  If Adobe won't fess up and fix the problem, that's its own problem.  But business owners like me won't wait around, we'll find other vendors or other ways to transmit.

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                      dave_m_k Adobe Employee

                      Hi brain-out,


                      I've read through your posts several times now and I'm honestly still not sure what the specific problem you're facing is.  As Bill mentioned, there are several issues discussed in that thread you linked.


                      I can assure you that Acrobat 9 is compatible with Office (Word) 2003


                      I have a few questions and from your answers, hopefully we'll be able to suggest a solution.

                      • What are the specific actions that you are taking (that aren't working)?
                      • Are you receiving an error message?
                      • Do you have any other 3rd party add-ins installed into Word 2003?
                      • Has this ever worked or have you always had trouble?



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                        brain-out Level 1

                        See my 'brainout' review on Acrobat 9 in Amazon.  I'm done with testing it on my XP machines.  The product does NOT work with Word 2003 as advertised.  The so-called issues have already been discussed over a year ago, as posted in the link, and I didn't have those issues.  It's a problem with Acrobat, and that's that.  Works fine with Word 2002, but NOT Word 2003.  End of story.

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                          dave_m_k Adobe Employee

                          I've read your review and it sounds like you had trouble with the PDFMaker integration in Word 2003. However, there are no specifics in your review about what exactly wasn't working. 


                          As I mentioned in my previous post, we'd like to help you if you answer a few questions.


                          If you're willing to troubleshoot this with us, could you share the following details around your system:

                          • What version of Windows, including Service Pack, do you have installed?
                          • What is the exact version of Acrobat 9 you have installed?  You can find this via Help > About Adobe Acrobat (the latest available version is 9.5.1)
                          • What is the exact version of Office 2003 you have installed?  Steps to find this information are located here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/821549


                          I'd also like you to try a couple of simple tests that should provide us with some more information about what exactly isn't functioning correctly:

                          • Open Notepad, type a few characters and try to Print to the 'Adobe PDF' printer
                            • Are you prompted to save your PDF file with a name?
                            • Does the conversion complete?
                            • Can you open the converted file in Acrobat?
                          • Launch Microsoft Word.  Does 'Acrobat' in the toolbar after 'Window' and 'Help'?
                            • If it is there, what exactly happens when you click 'Convert to PDF' from that toolbar?
                          • Try creating a PDF file from Word using the same steps as outlined for Notepad above.  Does it work?
                          • Check to see if PDFMaker has been installed, but disabled:
                            • Go to Help > About [program name].
                            • Click Disabled Items.
                            • Is 'Adobe PDF' on this list?


                          The vast majority of our Acrobat 9 & Office 2003 users can create PDF files without issue.  Obviously you're not in that group...yet ...but we'd like to see if we can help.



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                            Bill@VT Level 7

                            After reading your Amazon post, you might be best off just using your 3rd party products. Some of the things you complained about are there to meet the needs of federal standards for accessibility. As David mentioned, you never say what the problem is, only that it doesn't work. There is generally no need to create a separate PS file when going the print route, unless you have deactivated AcroTray. The latter is required to automate the conversion of the PS file created in the process to a PDF (it does the extra work for you).


                            The classic problem with Acrobat in OFFICE 2003 is that the PDF Maker macro is not enabled. Sometimes it gets disabled by MS after an update. MS went a step further to screw up the printouts in OFFICE 2007 (this has been checked against OFFICE 2003 and the newer OFFICE product splits graphics up and sometimes makes them unacceptable).


                            You are convinced there is a problem with Acrobat and it sounds like we are not going to change your mind. There are many of us here because we had problem too (yes, their support has not been very satisfatory for many years). However, we are still using the product and do our best to help others. A few like David are able to spend some time in the forum to try to help. Your response is to not provide info for us to help, but just complain. I hope you have been able to get it off your chest and get back to your business. I am not sure how you have that much time for your business since you seem to spend all of your time complaining about software products (at least 2 others at Amazon). A little time letting us try to help might have solved your problem. Sorry we have not been able to help.

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                              brain-out Level 1

                              Now you're engaging in bluster.  The problem has nothing to do with Government standards.  For in the very first line of my first post here in this thread, is a FORUM LINK explaining the Acrobat 9 incompatibility-with-Word 2003; I myself asked why those issues weren't resolved by Acrobat 9 updates, over a year later.  So I did explain the problem in detail, from within the Adobe forum, itself,  ASKING IF THE PROBLEMS HAD BEEN FIXED.  They have not been.  No further input from me would be needed.


                              So if you instead blame me as if I didn't furnish enough description of the problem -- then I'm through posting here.  Through with Adobe, too.  DID find another pdf creator-and-converter vendor who solved the same problem as I posted here, within the last 48 hours.  I didn't have to wrangle, didn't get the bluster I'm getting here with you guys.  Word 2003 works fine in pdf conversion, with that other vendor.  Much less hassle, too.  They just sent me the update patch file this morning, and it's all done.  Think I'll send my best clients the other vendor's converter product, to thank them for being my customers. For many small businesses need pdf conversion, not merely for the sake of sending pdf to Uncle Sam for electronic tax filing, etc.


                              Meanwhile, I'm stuck with Acrobat 9 on the machine which has Word 2002; and for my other computers, I'll buy added licenses from the other vendor. So I'll be sure to tell everyone I know, about the other vendor.  Coulda been, Adobe.  Oh well.