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    How to Setup remote server CF 10


      I am having an issue setting up a remote server .  I am running ColdFusion Builder 2.0.1 on win 7 64bit.  My remote server is ColdFusion Server standard 10, installed on Windows Server 2008R2.


      Builder tells me that my server is stopped and when I try to start it thru CB I get this error in the console.


      Admin Server for the remote server is not running.


      I know I do not have something configured right, I just don't know what the settings should be and where I can find the required info. 


      Also do I need to open up some ports on the firewall?


      Screen shots of my setup. Let me know if you need more information to help troubleshoot.




      Not sure if I have the correct ports or not, how to I find out what the correct ports should be?





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