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    Getting Apple Thunderbolt Display - what is best hardware/software for color calibration?

    clinton_dyches Level 1

      OK, so I'm an ex-pro photographer, part-time graphic designer. I have the CS6 Design & Web Premium package and am running it on a late 2011 MacBook Pro. Next week I am getting an Apple Thunderbolt Display (I need the ports and I know that some would debate the color abilities of the unit but it's a done deal).


      I have been looking at various hardware/software combinations for calibrating the ATD and have really settled on the Spyder4Elite. However, I'm open to suggestions. My last go-round with calibrating color critical monitors was in the '90's when I had Barco monitors.


      I may, in fact, already be 'married' to the Spyder4Elite. When I went to my Amazon wish list an hour ago, I clicked on the link and had a message that someone had already purchased it for me. Still, if it's not the best choice, I could always return it and get something else. I'm looking for opinions here.


      I looked at an XRite colorimeter but the Amazon reviews said that the software was not updated for OS X Lion and I am currently running OS X Mountain Lion, so that really wouldn't be the best choice for me.


      Does anyone have experience with the Spyder4Elite and Macintosh? Does it provide good profiles? Is there any other colorimeter that others might recommend?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have tried posting in the Apple forum for the ATD with no joy. I posted my question in the Photoshop forum and was kindly directed here.