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    Jean James

      I have Adobe Creative Suite 5, which includes Adobe Flash Professional. I have not had occasion to use it.


      However, during my normal day to day activities, I surf the net a lot. In the past week or so, some websites have been giving me messages saying that I don't have the latest version of Flash installed, so I cannot use the website. They tell me to download Flash 11.03 update. Every tim I do that, my computer starts giving me messages when I go back to those websites.


      It keeps asking me if I want to allow my computer to access the programme.


      I went back to my Adobe Flash Professional, which I would have thought would cover all Flash activities. I downloaded the most recent update, and it did not make any difference. I still cannot use the Flash 11.03 without having problems.


      Can anyone help please? Is this an Adobe problem or a Microsoft problem? How can I fix it?