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    LR 4 edit Camera-RAW-Image in PS CS 6 - edited photos are not shown in LR

    Christian L.

      Platform Win 7 SP1 64 bit german, LR 4.1 german, PS CS6 german with Camera RAW 7.1, catalog with 66800 images


      When I select a RAW-Image and select edit in PS CS 6 the image is opened in photoshop and everythings seems to work find. But after saving the image (as tiff, using default settings) nothing habens in LR - the image is not imported into the catalog.


      When trying to sync the folder manually, the first dialog shows that one image (this image) will be added, but then an error message is shown that no image has been imported.


      This is  a problem with my big main catalog which has been migrated from LR 3, but it works fine when creating a new catalog.


      Also importing the existing huge catalog into a new catalog did not solve the problem (but the images edited within the old catalog were shown).


      So it seems that LR does only a partial "import" when editing images in CS6.




      Any hints to solve the problem are welcome

         Thanks, Christian