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    How do you edit the carousel app URL link?

    QreusJorj Level 1


      I built a site off the Adora template.  Using the Carousel app.(home page image changing)  What sucks about this is you can't edit the URL the active image leads to.  It has to point into the carousel folder (which I tried to change in the app) and it creates a page on the fly (that you can't find or edit).  It's super frustrating.  I'm trying to get this site launched and this is holding me up.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


      I only briefly looked at the .js to try to find where it points.


      Other things I tried.

      - Editing the app, and changing the URL it points to (can't change the folder name)

      - Trying to add a field to point to instead of the one it does.  (beyond me and didn't want to rewrite the whole app) 


      This really shouldn't be hard and I'm sure somebody knows an easy solution that I can't see because I've been looking at it too long.