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    Photoshop CS6 Extended Video Project Help

    Maze150 Level 1

      Ok here is the setup. PS CS6 Ext. Bringing still images into the time line for a video project. Images default to 5 seconds in length. Is there any way to batch change that to like 2 seconds without going through and shortening every image manually? That would be very time consuming with a large amount of images.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Not sure that you can batch process the Duration, after the Stills are on the Timeline.


          There should be a Preferences setting, like in Premiere Pro (Adobe's full-featured NLE, Non Linear Editing program). There, you can set the Default Still Duration.


          In PrPro, after CS 4, even after the Stills have been Imported into the Project (but before they are dragged to the Timeline), one can select multiple Stills in the Project Panel, and change their Duration en masse. Before then, one had to just Delete the Imported Stills, change the Default Still Duration, and Import the Stills all over - or manually adjust the Duration of each on the Timeline.


          Good luck, and hope that PS-Extended has the same controls.