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    Clips not moving in timeline

    Stauffer Studios Level 1

      I noticed this recently with CS5.5 as well but now in CS6 and i can't figure out what is going on.

      I have a timeline with clips.  I created the timeline form scratch and added a few clips.  Nothing earth shattering.  I moved them all around and then left for a while.  When i came back, the clips in the timeline were locked in position.  I can't move them.  The tracks are not locked, the clips are enabled, when i try and drag them, they just flash but do nothing.


      Now in CS5.5 if i waited long enough, then would eventually free back up.  I haven't waited that long in CS6.  Does anyone have any idea what would cause this?

      I have closed Premiere and reopened and that didn't help

      I tried creating a new sequence and can't drag anything into it.  Its as if all dragging was diabled.  I am however able to move them with the keyboard.    I am also able to add to the timeline using the , and . keys.  Just no dragging.

      I can select them and lasso them but can't move them.  it is the strangest thing