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    CS6 - Tools Freeze after 1st use


      CS6 - After using one of the tools (select, crop, healing) 1st time, I further use or ability to change (from Patch to Red Eye Removal) can't be done. I have to close CS6 and reopen. I can save, and use filters, but not of the "left side" tools.

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          Sharon Huang Level 3


          Is there popup windows? Are the layers greyed out? We need more information

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            fwshaw818 Level 1

            I should have mentioned I am trying to use PhotoShop CS6 on a Windows 7 / Samsung Serios 7 laptop. The processor is an Intel quad cor i7 with 8 gigs of RAM. I have read your link and it appears to be for Mac operating systems. I have also reinstalled the PhotoShop software twice. I have tried to reset several time with shift-ctrl-alt.


            I do appreciate your time and would the link.

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              Level 5

              Great find, Wade!  Thanks for the link. 



              Apologies for mistyping your name, Wade. 


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                fwshaw818 Level 1

                I should mention I am using Windows 7 on a Samsung Serios 7 laptop that uses a quad core Intel i7 processor with 8 gig of ram.


                Attached is an image where I try to demonstrate with serious problem. I've opened the image. Created a white rectangle by using the select rectangle tool. Next I want to switch from the "healing" tool to the "patch" tool. I right click to open the list of 4 tools and at that point I can point to the "patch" tool with the mouse cursor, but can't select it. This is the case with all the other tools in the tool bar as well.


                I have to save the image. Close PhotoShop and restart, then select and use "patch".


                Your help would be greatly appreciated.


                CS6 Frozen.jpg





                PS: My original message has grammar errors, I apologize.

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                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                  See if there are new display drivers available for your system (most likely from the laptop manufacturer's web site).


                  Other things known to screw up Photoshop's UI are plug-ins that try to insert themselves into Photoshop in non-standard ways.  Do you have 3rd party plug-ins?


                  You mention having "tried to reset preferences"...  Were you ever successful in getting the dialog that confirms they're going to be deleted?



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                    fwshaw818 Level 1

                    Thanks for the comments. To answer a few of the questions:


                    • Yes, there is a dialogue that appears with I reset preferences. The problem is "better" after resetting the preferences, but it returns.


                    • My system is fairly new (about 2 months old) and I'm not aware of any 3rd party plug-ins. I've been avoiding them with a passion.



                    • I have checked the video drivers, vendor says they are current.


                    On item I've notieced today, this happens only when the "crop" tool is or had been used. I've had the crop tool freeze. This always happens after using the crop tool. Any suggestions or recommendations. Could this be related to the problem? If so, how do I get the "crop" tool to work, but avoid this freeze up.




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                      fwshaw818 Level 1

                      See below. I've added some additional information.


                      After a lot of trial and error today, I'm beginning to think this is related to using "crop" tool. Is this possible?



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                        Noel Carboni Level 8

                        It's possible it's related to whatever tools you use, though others are using the Crop Tool without crashes like what you're reporting.


                        Try going into the Edit - Preferences - Performance menu and changing the Graphics Processor settings (e.g., change from Advanced to Normal or Basic mode).  Restart Photoshop after making any such change.  Chances are you'll find a setting that will work better with your system.


                        What display interface (GPU) is inside that system, by the way?



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                          fwshaw818 Level 1

                          With the assistance of an Adobe customer service representitive it appears this problem has been resoved. The service representitive logged on to my system and after duplicating the problem a couple of times conculted it was caused by "corrupt files." After removing all Adobe files (Acrobat, Bridge, Light Room, registry entries, etc.), Photoshop CS6 was reloaded. It appears to be working correctly.


                          I had uninstalled and reloaded CS6 three other time, but did not remove all other Adobe software.


                          Thanks to all who took time to respond to my request for assistance. I genuinely apprecite it.