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    Why a DisplayObject loaded using SWFLoader gets huge and wrong width / height values ?

    julien.63 Level 1


      Like I said in the title, I'm loading a swf using a SWFLoader:


      <mx:SWFLoader source="images/mcplan.swf" id="planLoader" 
                                                width="740" height="614" y="0" x="20"
                                                addedToStage="planLoader_addedToStageHandler(event)" />


      Then, in the event handler, I fetch an object in the displayList :


      protected function planLoader_addedToStageHandler(event:Event):void
             var plan:DisplayObject = Helper.getChildByNameRecursiv("mcplan", planLoader.content as DisplayObjectContainer);


      But at that moment, the "plan" object width and height values are respectively 5.20751715E7 and 1.95268428E7. It looks ok on the screen. But if I try to change it (for fullscreen for instance) then it just doesn't work because the size of my screen is ridiculously small compare to those values...


      I can't understand how I could get the real values for that.


      Any suggestion?