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    Disappearing audio problem in CS6

    nullsebasvideo Level 1

      This morning I started editing a project which consists of MXF files from my Canon XF100 camera, for which I used the correct sequence preset. The problem I'm having is that while playing the timeline a clip plays fine, but when it starts a new clip there's no audio, even though there is a stereo audio track, and there are waveforms in that track, however, the audio meters show nothing, as if the file had no audio. I have to close Premiere and reopen it, and then the clip plays fine. But then it happens again with some other clips down the timeline. It's not a particular clip that is causing the problem, it's more like random clips, and it happens with one or two clips, and the clip after that plays fine. Closing and restarting Premiere always fixes a particular clip, but it's getting really annoying to do that over and over.


      Anyone else having this problem?