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    using loader.addEventListener(...


      I have a python script to test the use of URLLoader(). The python script simply receives a call and uses cgi to parse it and then sends the same parameter back to me.


      #! /usr/bin/python

      import cgi
      form = cgi.FieldStorage()
      adobe = form.getvalue('inquire')
      adobe = str(adobe)
      print "adobe = %s" % adobe



      The URLLoader is getting to the python script, but I do not seem to get any data back using


      loader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, handleComplete);



      This should go to my routine for handleComplete() if the Event.COMPLETE actually completes:


      public function handleComplete(event:Event):void {

      var loader:URLLoader = URLLoader(event.target);

      my_return_value.text = loader.data.adobe;

      my_return_value.visible =true;


      and that displays down below


      <mx:TextInput id="my_return_value" width = "200"/>


      What I want to know is this. What does it take for a Event.COMPLETE to happen? It never shows me anything in the my_return_value


      Sorry for all the code, but it is seemingly simple. I am not showing the entire listing which includes the URLRequestMethod() etc etc. But I just copied all that and made no changes.


      thanks again