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    Yet another Word/Mathtype Problem!




      I'm at the end of two days of reading posts and anything else I can get my hands on - perhaps you can shed some light on this.


      I am using Indesign CS6 on a mid 2012 macbook air. Just by the way - thankyou to Adobe for the quick fix to the hanging problem. It has worked so far on my machine.


      I do not appear have a problem with Indesign or Mathtype (Mathtype version 6.7, latest version for the Mac). If I save a PDF or an EPS with Mathtype it will work perfectly well when placed in Indesign. I've spent a lot of time with Font Book making sure there are no font conflicts, and there are no problems so far with Mathtype and Adobe products working together.


      The problems start when I begin using Mathtype with word 2011 for mac. I am attempting to import  Word documents with these Mathtype equations into Indesign. With this new version of Word the equations are not (no longer?) properly displayed by Indesign on my machine. I get font substitutions and boxes where symbols should be.


      I've done a lot of testing: If you use the unlink facility with these messed up equation-graphics, which are listed as EPS files in the links palette, you can make a folder with these graphics saved separately, as is usual and normal with Indesign. However if you try to read these eps files with Preview, Photoshop or Illustrator they cannot parse the Postscript. (Preview does not say this directly, it says they are of an unrecognised file type.)


      It's probably an issue with how Word 2011 is behaving. The people who make mt.editor (the successor to InMath) cannot read what Word 2011 does with these graphics and so they can't (as yet) make their importer to indesign work with Word 2011, whereas they could with previous versions.


      Regards and thanks for any assistance you can provide,




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          MrMathType Level 3

          I have to ask the obvious, since you didn't say what your workflow is from Word to InDesign. Are you placing the entire document directly into InDesign? When I create a document in Word 2011 and include MathType 6.7d equations, save it as a docx, then use the Place command to insert the document into InDesign, the result is perfect in ID -- e.g., nicely-aligned EPS equations, with all symbols showing properly. I have trouble with them at that point though.


          I also unlinked the EPSs, and when I try to open them in Preview, it says "Warning: PostScript error. No PDF file produced", which I guess is the same error you got. I get the same error if I try to open them in MathType.


          I'm using ID CS 5, but other than that, is there anything different about your workflow than mine? Have you written our (i.e., Design Science) tech support team about this? (support@dessci.com)