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    Sharing web dvd Failed


      Every time I try to Share a project I've created in PE9 to a web dvd on Photoshop.com, I get a message "Failed:  Cannot verify the authentication information".  I've logged in and out of Photoshop.com several times, checked my account, and everything is fine.  Any ideas?  Help please...

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I have never used Photoshop.com, so these are but guesses:


          • How does the size of the Web DVD Project compare with your allowed storage limit?
          • Does the format of the Web DVD match with those allowed on Photoshop.com?
          • Are you going directly from PrE to Photoshop.com, or are you Exporting/Sharing to the Web DVD, and then manually trying to upload it?


          Maybe others, who know Photoshop.com can offer some useful tips.


          Good luck,



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            sabres_fan Level 1

            Thanks for the repy Bill.


            To answer your points:


            • The Web DVD Project is VERY small.  It does work in creating a 12 meg flash video to my local computer (the other choice under the "Share" and "web DVD" menu tabs).  I have 1.3 Gig of free space on Photoshop.com
            • I'm assuming it should create a Flash video on Photoshop.com, like it does to my local computer.
            • I'm working totally within PrE.