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    Having big problem with used memory

    dnice423 Level 1

      Hey, im having a problem with used up memory. First off ive been editing football games saving them & making dvd through encore so keep in mind these games are about 2 hours a piece. My internal hard drive is filled up all the way but none of my original footage is stored there. Its stored on my external drive which is a lot bigger. To be honest theres really nothing on the internal except pictures & music. Not to mention my dynamic link is getting slower & slower. i also edit music videos so when im doing that im using dynamic link with every single clip! ive been scared to. ive been told after all projects i should do the  "clean database & disc cache" ive been kinda scared to do this though because i dont wanna lose the work ive done with the football games. Heres a couple of specs about the computer...my computer only has 7GB of RAM...In after effects  maximum disc cache size is set at 100 GB....i dont know what to do please help becasue im stuck & cant do anything right now because the memory is full. thanx