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    Is it possible to use automatic lens correction profiles in Camera RAW using Extendscript?


      I have developed Javascripts using Extendscript toolkit to help me process batches of files for creating time lapse videos, and

      I would like to take advantage of the automatic lens correction profiles available in Adobe Camera RAW (I am using Adobe Photoshop CS6 64-bit), but in the CameraRAWOpenOptions, there is no property describing the automatic lens correction profiles.  It seems there has got to be a way to automate the selection of the "Enable Lens Profile Corrections" box when opening camera RAW images.  I am using Canon lenses, and the Adobe lens correction profiles work great, so I'd like to use them.


      I am aware of the other way of doing this in Photoshop using File-->Automate-->Lens Correction, but this seems to work more slowly than using the lens corrections in Camera RAW.