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    H.264 .m2t high bit rate playback problem ...

    joneisele Level 1

      I'm still coming up to speed on some of basic video concepts so bare with me.   I have a 9 minute 1280x720 video; 59.94; source came from a Contour+ bike helmet type camera that stores .mov/H.264; separate audio track from MP3 files.   I exported an .m2t file file using the H.264 Blu-ray format/preset.   Besides checking TS multiplexing, the only other items I changed from the default were Maximum Render Quality and VBR, 2 pass.   This file plays fine on my PC with Windows Media Player.


      Next I went down the layman's road of thinking higher bit rate = more information per second = higher quality and slid the target bit rate all the way to the right to 35, which in turn adjusted the max bit rate to 35 as well.   VBR 2-pass, max render, etc. still applied.   When I go to play this .m2t file under WMP it chokes and jerks.


      I just wanted to ensure this result is expected and not some issue with my hardware or software configuration or other underlying systemic issue.  I was expecting this file to play just like the other one above.   Feedback?


      I have a new PC that followed the VideoGuys DIY9 spec closely: i7 3930, 32GB, GTX670, WD Caviar Black RAID0, etc.



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          josephs51576386 Level 3

          Try downloading VLC or Splash Lite and see if it plays fine in these media players or not. WMP isn't really accurate for viewing most video files IMO.

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            joneisele Level 1

            I pulled over VLC and it played without the these issues.   It took it a split second to adjust when I would click ahead on the time bar a couple of minutes ahead, but no big deal.


            My concern here wasn't so much being able to play the high bit rate version as it was concerns that I have some sort of software conflict, bad codecs, or what not.  Would you expect WMP on a machine with this level of hardware capability to struggle a bit with the file described above?

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              WMP overall is a pretty unreliable media player IMO. The media players I tend to stick with are VLC,Splash Lite and KMplayer. In my experince sometimes with interlaced footage VLC doesn't play it back very well if it's a scene that has a lot of movement regardless of how you tweak it's deinterlace filters/options etc. So in those cases I use one of my other media players. 


              Basically what I'm saying is that no media player is perfect for every scenario although WMP is certainly my least favorite.