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    Custom Tooltip on TreeItemRenderer


      I'm trying to implement a custom tooltip for a tree, where when the user mouses over tree rows the tooltip manager displays a few lines of attributes contained in the xml item associated with the tree row. Intercepting the createTooltip event for the tree doesn't do a great job, since the tooltip is created for the whole tree, as opposed to specific items, and kludging it to work via itemRollovers and 'outs seems to require a lot of custom work to make the tip behave as one would expect.

      I've tried to create a custom itemRendereras an AS class that inherits from TreeItemRenderer and intercept the createTooltip event from there, but my custom renderer doesn't seem to receive any of the tooltip manager events, even though the parent TreeItemRenderer implements IToolTipManagerClient (from UIComponent).

      I'm sure I'm not the first person to try to do this. Has anyone found the way here?