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    CS6 problems with video driver

    westdr1dw Level 1

      Not sure if I could have been more specific in the title; however, I have been having the following problems after using CS6;


      1. Images are blacked out in the viewing area where the layer is still showing the thumb nail image.


      2. A few crahes incl BSOD


      3. Unable to launch Bridge (has worked previously)


      4. Unable to drag and drop images w/o creating a copy of the layer. This appears intermittent.


      Attempted fixes;

      Shutting down CS6 appears to provide a temporary fix on the black out.

      Purged the temp storage areas in ACR and CS6

      Checked the enviromental variables and the temp directories are on the C drive (Home)


      OS Win 7 64Bit Ultimate

      RAM 16 Gb

      CPU AMD 965

      Storage: C: 500 Gb 160 Gb free

      Scrartch Disk: 20 Gb available

      Video Card: ATI RADEON 5670


      CS6 was an upgrade from CS4.


      Appreciate your assistance.