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    Missing Help?

    Laer2 Level 1

      I just installed the Production Premium suite, and ran AfterEffects. Everything seems fine, except that nothing happens when I try and access the help files via the in program Help menu.


      I am running as a non-admin (I have a non-admin and admin account, and run non-admin most of the time for security), and installed the suite as a non-admin. I thought maybe there was some permission isssue, but I can't see why.  I don't know where the help files would be (online?), so I can't verify they are 'there'.


      I'm wondering what steps I can take to try and remedy this. My previous CS5.5 install didn't have this problem, and I literally just finished installing CS6, so I'm not sure what happened here.


      Any ideas?


      (i7 Win7 12 gigs RAM)



      UPDATE: I tried Photoshop CS6 now as well, with the same issue. One clue... Photoshop is at least telling me that I'm supposedly not online, even though I am (browser can access web), so there must be something in the CS6 suite that is thinking it's not online, or for some reason it can't access the internet while everything else can.  I'm running Avast, but that's about it.  I don't imagine that's blocking the whole suite, and it certainly didn't do that with CS5.5.  The Photoshop Online menu item in CS6 works fine, too... so THAT part of Photoshop thinks it's got a connection.UR


      FURTHER UPDATE: I've now tried some of the other programs in the suite.  Flash help works, the others don't.  Audition actually gives me a different message than Photoshop (which told me it couldn't display help because we weren't connected to the internet).  Audition gives me 'Help cannot be displayed for that item. Error(10)' message.


      AND YET ANOTHER UPDATE: I just found another thread that addresses this same problem, with a workaround (PDF files of the documentation), so that's at least something.  Sorry, I did a search before posting this (using the Adobe Forum search), and it didn't come up with anything.  I just tried it in Google, and it found this thread I was talking about now.  So, I have to read through it and see if there is a solution for the actual menu issue, but at least I'll have pdf versions for now.


      UPDATE?... WHY NOT: Okay, so now I read up on the whole situation.  PDFs available and downloaded.  I'm not understanding the rest, though... If I'm reading it right, the proper (via pulldown menu) versions are supposed to be available end of June(?), and are imported into the suite via some sort of Help utility?  I didn't understand that part.  Is that still happening, or are the PDF downloads the final fix?