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    trouble to see the device


      Hello, I have ADE correctly intalled, an Adobe ID. I can load books and read them from ADE... but I cannot see my device (Sony Reader PRS-T1) on the left panel when I plug the device to the computer. Can somebody help me here?

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          Even though ADE lists the T1 as a supported device, SONY says it's not

          supported by ADE.  The way around this is relatively straightforward.  But,

          it assumes that you're comfortable with some of the technology in your



          Start by locating the ebooks you want to copy to the T1.  They 'should' be

          in the ADE library on your hard drive.  Once you've found them, open the

          SONY Reader Library application on your computer.  You can then use the

          'add to library' feature of the Reader Library to copy the ebooks

          into it. Then sync your T1 to the Reader Library and copy the ebooks to the

          T1 from there.